Brand Bengaluru Unisex Kannada Charcoal grey High density Tshirt


Namma Bengaluru has its name derived from the place ‘benda-kaal-uru’, literally means, ‘town of boiled beans’. This eventually evolved into ‘Bengaluru’. It is also called as the Silicon Valley of India & Garden City. Bengaluru has many tourist attractions like Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park, Vidhan Souda etc. It also has prestigious institutions like ISRO, IISc and IIMB. Namma Bengaluru is truly cosmopolitan. We LOVE BENGALURU for its unity in diversity.

Proud to be the first one to launch official “BEngalurU” logo products here, BeU in short, for “Being You”, with a thought that anybody can be themselves in Bengaluru!

This blended T-shirt is made from cotton poly and has a high density print on it in Red and White!

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