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Mankutimma (DumbKID)

Mankutimma (or 1947IND) is a street wear brand founded by a bunch of friends. One, a graphic designer, had always dreamed of starting a clothing company. One more, just out of her job as an engineer to be an entrepreneur, was looking to start something creative and the rest, were looking for a fun new opportunity to explore.

All got together along with some blank t-shirts, started working on a couple of designs and Mankutimma Studios was born. The idea was to brand our own city with some creative designs.

They started a website, used social media to get the word out and word began to spread. The company was literally spreading Bengaluru Pride – One T-Shirt at a Time. They wanted to reach more people and to escape the “digital world”, went to local festivals like Sunday Sole Sante, Mysuru Open Street and other fests and things started to gain momentum.

The company has come a long way since then and along with the tshirts, a lot of other souvenirs are in place. It’s not just about the line of merchandises always, it’s about building a community and bringing people together. Philosophy is to be one among all, be united and feel the pride of our own Indian cities. #WearyOurPride #1947 #BeOne

The name, Mankutimma, was picked from Mankuthimmana Kagga, a major literary works in Kannada written by D. V. Gundappa. The literal meaning of ‘Mankutimma’ is a dumb-kid in the poem and it is taken as the “naive one”.

Mankutimma went on to get funds from State Government of Karnataka after it won an award in the start-up section.

We help people to remember you/brand! At this studio, a clean, luxe and fashionable souvenirs/merchandises are created.
The team is very proud to be from Bengaluru and believe, one may be from Delhi, Chennai or from Mumbai, all should wear the pride of their dynamic city.